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The Overlook by waterbender010 The Overlook by waterbender010
A view of the Overlook, where Bumblebee and Sam spend much of their time on those lazy weekends.

The yellow camero soon turned onto the familiar dusty road that lead up to the overlook, the sun had just started to set behind the city, painting the landscape in a dab of yellow and orange colours, the grass was a deep luscious green colour, drops of water from the earlier rainfall clung to the stalks glittering in the low light of twilight. Bumblebee came to a stop at the foot of the overlook and swung open his door, allowing his charge to exit the cab, Sam padded up to their usual spot just underneath the single oak tree that sat on top of the grassy hill. Behind him the young teenager heard the familiar transformation of his guardian as metal and gears twisted incomprehensible ways and soon a bipedal humanoid robot was stood in place of the camero, blue optics lit scanning the landscape around them. Bumblebee gazed up at his charge on top of the hill, the yellow scout paced over to the tree to join his human.

Sam leaned back against the rough bark of the oak, the texture pressed into his back in an almost familiar way as he sank to the soft grass, his back sliding down the trunk prompting a loud scrapping noise from the tree. Sam shifted his body, angling it so he was comfortably leant against the tree, the ground shook from underneath the teenager, Sam looked up to see the familiar sight of his guardian approaching the tree his yellow armour glistering in the low bands of sunlight. The yellow scout sank to the floor and mimicked his chargeís position, the tree shook slightly as it bore the autobotís great weight, a few leaves fell to the ground in a spiralling motion fluttering towards the ground a few landing upon Samís head. Sam laughed slightly as he shook his head to dislodge the green stars, Bumblebeeís soft optics glanced down at his charge, a small smile clearly alit upon his face plating. Sam smiled at his guardian before turning his gaze out to the hills in the distance, Bumblebee turned his optics to join his charge, the sunlight cascading down on the pair in an almost surreal way. The two sat in a comforting silence, watching the sun as it began to disappear from behind the hills.

Bumblebee silently offered a hand to his human charge, Sam wordlessly clambered onto the open palm, getting settled as Bumblebee deposited him upon his metal shoulder.

"Bee?" Sam asked softly, looking up at his yellow guardian.

"Yes Sam?"

"Thanks for bringing me, I think I was going crazy back there."

Bumblebee's faceplate widened into an obvious smile.

"Your most welcome Sam."
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February 27, 2011
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